Karaoke Bar

Via Bella Pizza & Sports Bar

3812 Pierce St, Riverside, CA 92503

About Via Bella Pizza & Sports Bar

4.4 / 5 from reviews
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Our Address
3812 Pierce St, Riverside, CA 92503

Reviews for "Via Bella Pizza & Sports Bar"

Mackenzie Maxwell
August 17, 2019

Awful treatment of customers here. Let me tell you about my experience. A few hours ago this place was acting as a venue and hosting small bands. All was going well; I brought in my water and a gatorade to drink while I was watching the first act of the night. It seemed harmless. A short while later, the groups of people I came for/with moved from chairs on the side of the room and sat at the tables. We were expecting to get normal customer service and awesome pizza. I went to the restroom and left my bag and drinks with my table group. Apparently while I was gone for those few minutes, a server came out and scolded my table for having (my) outside drinks inside (she didn't even bring a menu with her!). I had no knowledge of this until she came around again to one of my group's tables, this time full of rage. She saw my drinks and she yelled something along the lines of "what did I tell you about outside drinks!" and viciously pointed at the door, forcefully telling us to leave. Very unacceptable behavior from a server. She yelled at me to open my bag, being convinced that I hid my drinks in there (the contents of my bag are none of her business, anyway!). THEN she goes to the other table at which my friends are sitting and tells them to leave for the same reason. By this time I was fuming, and we collectively decided that we were just going to watch the bands without buying anything from this place. Another band finished playing, and I did not want to make any larger of an issue out of this. All I wanted to do was give the menu (that somehow appeared on our table) back to the server, calmly tell her that she gives terrible service, and ask her for her name. Well, that did not go as planned. I went over to the side of the bar, handed her the menu, and asked for her name. She refused to give it, saying that I wouldn't need it! Big red flag for any type of business. I said that she was very disrespectful, and she raised her voice at me escalating the situation into a public scene. A woman sitting at the bar chimed in as well, agreeing with me that she was being very rude. Anyway, arguments unavoidably sparked for both sides, and the manager became involved. I told him the story very calmly, saying that this was not acceptable behavior from any type of employee. He himself was rude; he kept disrupting me, trying to keep me from speaking out any longer about his server. I asked him for his server's name as well, and he would also not give it to me! The manager did tell me his name though, JJ (albeit not his full name). They did not wear nametags, like they wanted to stay anonymous and untied to any dirty behavior they set upon their customers. After a while, I was asked to leave by another employee(?) for "influencing the customers" (I had most of my group walk out with me, since they did not like their treatment either). I very rarely write reviews, but I felt especially inclined to share my experience here. Please beware if you come here, for you might have to endure the same service we were given.

Joe Joe
June 24, 2019

when I'm working in that City this is the only place I go to eat food. Pizza is incredible. thank you guys

Gil Marquez
May 09, 2019

Come here at least every week for lunch. Great food, cheap beers, and the owner is a super cool guy. I ordered the philly cheesesteak and it came out on a fresh baked roll and was perfect. Give this place a try!

Violet Ortiz
May 30, 2019

Best pizza! And the family who owns it are great people! Highly recommend!

Mario Garcia
August 15, 2019

It's the perfect place for pit stop

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