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9612 Lower Azusa Rd, Temple City, CA 91780

About Temrose

4.2 / 5 from reviews
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Our Address
9612 Lower Azusa Rd, Temple City, CA 91780

Reviews for "Temrose"

Valeria Rodriguez
May 21, 2019

I enjoy coming here. There is only one bartender, but she is great and on top of everything. This is where I found my new drink, 'Pickle-Back'. A shot of Jameson & a shot of pickle juice. Not many bars offer it, it's unusual but tasty! Only one pool table, and a touch screen juke box, cool! It's a very chill bar, not 'uptight' and fancy, great place to catch a beer after work.

Vanessa Marquez
April 08, 2019

Definitely a dive bar. But chill vibe. I did enjoy it here. Plus the bartender was nice. She didn't hate on the women walking in and greeted us sweetly and gave the ladies some attention and took our order. Sometimes female bartenders give us shade when they see a group of women walk in. But she was sweet and gave me apt search advice lol. Thanks!

Sheperd D
March 05, 2019

Great hole in the wall bar, super low-key...looks like a Tailor's shop from the outside. Inside there is a pool table and great prices on beer and alcohol. One of the bartenders is very amiable and has stories to tell.

Pedro M Ramirez
June 11, 2019

Amanda nd Tanya are Awsome . Cool place to chill close to home . Wife loves it good time good people . Cheers everybody I just have to chill on the shots lol

Bob Vincent
November 22, 2018

Super cozy and simple little bar. It's the kind of bar you go to when all you really want is a drink. A great departure from the "hip" bar scene, Temrose is a working-class kinda joint that delivers adequate beer selection, friendly service, and a non-rowdy crowd. I will definitely be returning!

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