Smoke Wagon Saloon

13070 Palmdale Rd, Victorville, CA 92392

About Smoke Wagon Saloon

4.2 / 5 from reviews
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Our Address
13070 Palmdale Rd, Victorville, CA 92392

Reviews for "Smoke Wagon Saloon"

Destroy E-Bay
July 10, 2019

"Regulars Only!" That is how it felt when I visited this establishment. -Small, No Space, The Place is TINY! I sat down at the bar and people kept poking me and others around me when it was time to play pool. I cannot watch the TV without looking like I am starring at the entire bar, very awkward. Jukebox player right behind me, limited seating, badly occupied space. Needs an interior makeover. I understand zoning laws, but I have seen some establishments do more with less than this place. Very impersonal, no balance to the limited proximity. Maybe they should open up the back part to the public instead of using it as their personal employee bbq smoke drink party family and close friends only lounge......I thought this place was a public establishment with people to serve us, not party in the room next to us.......I understand that they might have had planned a party for that night, but in that case they should have closed the bar down for that night, or have it somewhere else, we felt isolated, and like we were being looked down upon...... -ONE POOL TABLE! If you, or you and a buddy want to play, FORGET IT! If the people on it want to, they just pass the next game to the people who just walked in the door or anyone else they choose, screw me and my buddy, we have only bean waiting FOREVER while you keep playing games in rotation with ALL YOUR buddies. I politely ask to when we will be able to play, and I am suddenly shunned by everyone there that all seemed to know each other very well, in very SMALL proximity. Oh and FYI, I asked the first time I saw them. They must have "Forgotten", I did not just randomly wait for people to stop playing, I asked once, they said "sure, next game". After a few more games is when this went down..... - I came to this bar to chill out with a beer and a buddy, and watch the Hockey Game, among other equal strangers, but It just felt like I was in a tiny dirty apartment with a big obnoxious party going on next door at the cruddy land lord's house that I am not invited to, and I am the only one at the complex who is not family or something. As I wrote earlier, they seem to have their own personal party always going on in the very back. Very isolated, neglected feeling. -"The Bikers Are Coming..."... By the near end of the night, before leaving, An MC group drove up and came in. I do not know what kind of MC it was(violent, non violent, etc.) But they seemed to be trusted by the people there, so I did not think about it too much. Right before we finished our last beers, one sits next to me, spews some opinions about a subject I rather not disclose, and asks me what I think about it. I attempt to give a neutral answer, but it was not good enough for them , I HAD to either disagree or agree 100%. I excused myself and walked out as fast as I could without looking too freaked out. From the point He started, to the point I left the front door, it seemed like the behavior was not only acceptable to everyone there, but also amusing........ I guess politely reminding the Owner's buddy that they themselves said I could go next was an abomination of me to do...."What did you want them to do about the scary Biker?" TOUGHEN UP AND TELL THEM TO KNOCK IT OFF! If they are your friend they will obviously understand unless they do not respect you, in which case TOUGHEN UP AND TELL THEM TO KNOCK IT OFF! IT'S A BAR! -PUBLIC BAR OR SOCIAL CLUB?. As mentioned over and over, I did not feel equal here, felt very segregated . "then go somewhere else", Done!, I will never go again, but that was NOT originally the plan. I personally believe this place has the potential to triple or more their popularity and profits if it catered as an equal place for all like most establishments do. Do they want to be business owner's or do they want a social club where they feel superior to the random strangers that come in for a drink? If they just want a social club where there close friends and family will be enough to keep them afloat, they congrats! Job well done.

January 08, 2019

Nice people and the bartender who does the micheladas is amazing. Very sweet, and respectful, and also funny. She makes the night great.. forgive me for forgetting your name.. for the rest, she is the best (white, Female, early 30s) love her

Billy Vandemark
January 21, 2019

Being from out of town, I didn't expect to feel so at home as I did at Smoking Wagon. The crowd ranged from raging regulars to quiet newcomers, and the bartender was friendly and equally attentive to everyone. The perfect dive atmosphere and cheap beer makes this a good stop if you're passing through Victorville

Cecilia Rausa
May 10, 2019

Amazingly sweet bartenders, drinks on the cheaper side, over all good quality service.

Gino Cardona
March 18, 2019

Its was awesome people are cool as hell bartender we very attentive with my orders

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