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Orlando Entertainment

2650 E Garvey Ave S, West Covina, CA 91791

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4.2 / 5 from reviews
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Our Address
2650 E Garvey Ave S, West Covina, CA 91791

Reviews for "Orlando Entertainment"

Edgar Reyes
April 02, 2019

I'll be honest with my experience. I did not enjoy as much as I expected. I asked a day before what are the rates. They said 40 an hour plus tax for up to 4 people. Which is fair. I then asked what music do they have. They said English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. That's what I was looking forward to. I came with a party of 4 and got a small room. The device was in a foreign language that we couldn't read. So they taught us how to use the system by pictures. We tried to look for Spanish music and there was none, which was the reason for us coming. So we tried to look for more English songs but the songs were slightly outdated and several songs were unavailable. We ordered a fruit tea for $6 and popcorn chicken for $11. The tea was good and fair priced but THE FOOD WAS UNACCEPTABLE. We tried to cancel the food 2 minutes after we ordered but they said we can't cancel. Fine. We got our chicken and it was 14 pieces of small pieces of chicken. That was not worth it's price. Bubble tea spots serve larger pieces and more for almost half the price. Their chicken was smaller than a thumb per piece. When it was time for the bill I was shocked. Total was $93 for an hour and a half. Here's the breakdown: $38 for an hour + $20 half an hour + $5.95 fruit tea + $10.89 popcorn chicken (not worth it) which comes to $74.78. plus tax $7.10 + 15% gratuity $11.22. if you were going for an hour with 2-4 people you'll be charged $50 in total for one hour no drinks or food. They lied about having Spanish music which was the only reason I came. I put several artist and I couldn't find any of them. The price was not worth it.

Heather Jimenez
January 31, 2019

This place has potential but for now I would say it's an okay karaoke place. The song choices they have are kind of limited and need to be updated. They have some drink specials. The rooms are really nice and so is the technology placed in the room but they need to give instructions on how to use it. It took my friends and I 30 minutes to figure out how it worked. All and all it was as I said an okay place.

Diego Galvan
February 06, 2019

They placed a freestanding sign outside the door advertising drink specials. It did not have a time so we thought it was going on when we got there. It was about 10am when we arrived and the drink specials didn't start until 7. We were disapointed but my friends and I decided to stay and sing a few tunes. Nice location with large interiors and rooms. The music selection was very limited for non Asian music. The sodas we got tasted flat. It was fun hanging with my friends but I wouldn't go back there again.

Grace Jing
November 25, 2018

The food and service is good. They have a large selection if Chinese songs but it's sometimes it's hard to find songs you want because they appear if you search it a certain way but don't when you search it up a different way. In general the song selection doesn't seem to be updated for 2018 songs and and sort of limited.

Eduardo Alonso
January 12, 2019

Great place to sing and drink. They do need a more robust selection of music. Very nice people as well.

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