Night Club

Old Town Pub & Grub

28677 Old Town Front St, Temecula, CA 92590

About Old Town Pub & Grub

4.2 / 5 from reviews
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Our Address
28677 Old Town Front St, Temecula, CA 92590

Reviews for "Old Town Pub & Grub"

K.T. Tyler
March 14, 2019

Staff is Awesome... Food is Very Good!!! Band was Good. It was an enjoyable evening...PACKED WITH PEOPLE!!! I'd HIGHLY suggest it... ESPECIALLY on Wednesday Nights For the OPEN MIC SESSION that starts around 8 P.M., and goes to arpund Midnight...

Erick Dobranski
April 17, 2019

Overly aggressive security! While in line I made a comment to a friend about how strict they were. Something along the lines of "I'm surpirsed they didn't take your chapstick". Security decides to grab me and kick me out for this comment. Luckily I was in a level state of mind. I was grab from behind and pull away from front entrance. No need to grab, a simple you got to go is fine. If I'm not welcomed somewhere I don't want to be in there. Once he let go he continued to shout get off the property. As I am willing walking off the property he continues to push me. Still with smile on my face and hands by my side, hands by my side so he doesn't see me as a threat. I try to ask "why do you keep pushing me?" Again he shouts get off the property and continues to push me. Again I am in a sane state of mind I had not been drinking much that is why i was able to hold my composure. I have no problem with the venue. If not mistaking we ate there first and then continued through our night. I do have a problem with the security staff of 04/13/2019. If you want charges for assault this is how you do it. If you want your patron to fight your security staff this is how you do it. I used to work in the bar industry and know this is not a way to treat a customer willing listening to the orders of security and willing walking off the property. I did not feel safe being escorted out by this security guard. Again I was at peace and he was very aggressive. If I would have tried to pull out my phone almost no doubt he would of hit me or my phone. I hate writing negative reviews because select few of not properly train security but I would not want anyone else to be victimized like this. If anything were to have happened we would have been in the wrong because they could always say we were drunk and they have "authority". Usually (and I agree) the security is in the right state of mind and the patron is drunk but in this incident that was not the case. Please review your security staff. At least have them take a step back during incidents like this and realize not all customers are the same not all will be drunk and realize some will willingly follow directions. Physical contact does not have to be made! Writing this review for management. In no way trying to tell you how to run your staff but want to shine the light on a select few. If you would like pictures that I did take please reach out. Thanks for listening.

Samantha Soto
April 02, 2019

Great atmosphere. Great food. Great music. Friendly staff.

Jennifer Rodriguez
April 18, 2019

Good beer ok food waiters need serious work.

Joleen Buxbaum
December 17, 2018

Love this place! The food and service are excellent. Good selection of beers, and we can bring our dog and sit on the patio to watch the football game!

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