Inland Tavern

1001 W San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92078

About Inland Tavern

4 / 5 from reviews
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Our Address
1001 W San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92078

Reviews for "Inland Tavern"

Patrick Desrosiers
March 19, 2019

Another great experience at Inland. If you're looking for a great selection of beer on tap, an excellent food menu with quality ingredients, and a comfortable environment with friendly staff, then stop looking and come over to Inland! I've been consistently impressed by the depth and sophistication of their food menu. It is by far the best kitchen in town, with items to please everyone in the family, even the kids! Their revolving tap selection is filled with familiar home-run beers, but with some excellent hard to find choices as well. And they have a great full bar! Congratulations, you just found your new favorite place in town!

Alex Ortega Jr
July 01, 2019

Appetizers are good which is the only reason I gave it the rating. The service is horrid, no matter when I've gone. I've gone during events, I've gone on just a regular weekend and gone during Latin nights and it's the same routine. It takes me close to 10 minutes before a server even gets to me so that I can order. Theres no sense of urgency when it comes to serving patrons.

Ulises T
April 15, 2019

Too crowded and after some time they remove our table ,drinks to small for the price. I slipped because piece lime on the wet floor wen I was dancing , still have pain only knee.i may have to due some about

Juliana Gonzalez
January 22, 2019

On Friday 1/18/19, my friend and I were extremely mistreated at the Inland Tavern. At around 10pm, we entered the restaurant/ bar and headed to the bathroom line. There are two bathrooms, both with UNISEX signs. There was a long line of females outside of one restroom, and the second had no line. A few girls used the restroom without a line before us, and once free, my friend and I decided to quickly use the available one instead of continuing to wait in the line outside of the second room. As soon as we entered, there was loud abrupt banging on the door. We immediately opened the door, to have a few men looking at us angrily. I promptly pointed out that there was a UNISEX sign outside of the door. One of the men, grabbed my arm and pushed me out, ushering me in front of him saying "alright, that's it, you need to leave." I immediately said "don't touch me" and tried to ask him why we were being (not nicely) asked to leave. He didn't care to answer, and continued to follow us out with a blinding flashlight on top of us the entire time leading to outside and down the steps. (The man was apparently a manager, of Asian descent). I tried to ask to ask the security, and a second manager that came out why we were forced to leave for using a unisex bathroom. The security said that at night time, the restrooms switch to male/ female.. but there was no sign, notice, or calm explanation. I will NEVER go to this business again, and I will make a point to ensure this HUGE issue to brought to the authorities. My friend and I were Hispanic, and felt that we were being discriminated against as there were several other girls who used the unisex bathroom before us and didn't endure this mistreatment. The building is no up-to-code if females are being kicked out for using a UNISEX bathroom. It was a completely disgusting and despicable mistreatment. Don't support a business that kicks females out for no reason, is abusive to their patrons, and discriminates against those who enter.

Susan Friedman
April 04, 2019

Went for the after lunch time and it was perfect. Had an awesome Modern Times cold beer with the "Cardiff Crack" Tri-tip Sandwich and friend had the Quinoa Salad. Can't say I've ever had a better steak sandwich! Service was fantastic & friendly. Can't wait to visit again! Maybe for the Sunday live music brunch!!

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