Night Club

Hunters Nightclub

302 E Arenas Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262

About Hunters Nightclub

4.2 / 5 from reviews
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Our Address
302 E Arenas Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Reviews for "Hunters Nightclub"

Omar Argueta
March 05, 2019

Great drinks, great bartender staff and definitely good music. I could see how this is a draw to the local community. I am here visiting and found this place to be very fun and and appealing to q crowd and this is definitely a prime spot for the weekend crowd. I came in on a Monday and could see how this is an optimal local hangout. The weather in Match is perfect for patio hangout and catching up with friends! The drink prices are very reasonable. 8f this is not on your list of places to stop in and enjoy, it should be.

Darin Bishop
April 04, 2019

I work in the food and beverage industry and love coming here after shift. This is a great neighborhood bar. Theres a great selection of spirits, the bartenders are friendly and drinks come out quick. Ali is one of the most hospitable bartenders I've met and always makes it a point to set the mood with the music he plays. If youre in the neighborhood, make it point to stop by for a cocktail. You won't be disappointed.

Alexander Freedom Wyatt Krantz
March 13, 2019

Hunters was always a okay bar. Jen and bar staff are great! Security and manager are the dumbest bunch of uneducated simple people I have ever met! Eddy only got the managers position because the other guy got fired. Eddy also listens and steals customers ideas for events. I no this for a fact as he used one of my ideas for the carwash event. He also will turn on any customer and local! He lies and gossips about locals also. But again he is a simple man with no education in how a bar should be run! So if you want to see Old man pee.... Go to hunters... Oh they are not friendly to woman unless Jen is there. Go to Chill, Score or the straight bars if you want a great night out.. And no drama... Sorry Jen please fire Eddy.......

May 22, 2019

Evidently some staff do not understand mathematics. They treated me like I was scamming them despite me ordering thru the same person all night and tipping him. My request was simple... Because I had no cash and I wanted cigs and like I have done before several times at at this place- I order a cheap drink around $5, I pay for the drink ($5) and tip $20-25 via debit card and request $10 back in cash from the bartenders own cash so I can buy cigs. Resulting in them getting a $10-15 tip despite them giving me $10 back so I can buy cigs. Never had an issue before until today when I asked and some random bartender on his high horse comes making a scene that they don't do cash back and that they're not my personal atm. I explained.... Other customers explained, the bartender I dealt with all night understood... But other bartender was making such a big deal about it that it created an uncomfortable environment. I'm sorry you don't understand math and feel like you're the boss. But you cost your business money and your coworker more income because of your ignorance and arrogance.

paddy pilkington
October 12, 2018

I had such a fun time here. We went on a Wednesday night and saw a fabulous drag show. It’s a nice bar with cheap drinks. The drag show was great and all the queens were lovely. It’s right by all the other gay bars so fun to hop between different bars.

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