Double Deuce

528 F St, San Diego, CA 92101

About Double Deuce

4.1 / 5 from reviews
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Our Address
528 F St, San Diego, CA 92101

Reviews for "Double Deuce"

Chelle Vogel
August 18, 2018

Had a great time. The staff there was very helpful and very nice. Would definitely recommend going to anyone that likes country music. They also have a mechanical bull that you can ride. A great place with great atmosphere and staff.

Jr Lemarie
November 04, 2018

Here is my experience, I was kicked out according to the staff because I was “Harassing” the bartender after just ordering two drinks and leaving a very generous tip. Owning my own business I myself am not bias, racist or unfair in any way but I am calling out this establishment because I feel obligated to let people know that I have been treated very unfairly here. There was no legitimate reason for them to kick me out, all I told the the knee cap looking bartender by the mechanical bull was that I had a friend who use to work there and the bipolar manager with Little man syndrome blew up in my face saying he was going to call the cops for what? Talking to the bartender? I’d love for them to look at video to see how I was “harassing” anyone. Him and all the wana be security guards are all just children. They don’t know how to have good customer service/communication or how to properly handle situations. Hopefully someone intelligent can teach them something useful in life and they can save good business. I will be letting everyone in San Diego know how they treat there guest.

Veronica Vaughn
September 03, 2018

Fun atmosphere, country on one side hip hop on the other. Good place to meet opposite sex. Bull rides, lively entertainment and upstairs/downstairs

January 06, 2019

I’m writing one star because I have the option of zero stars isn’t a available. I don’t usually write reviews but the racism I dealt with leaves me with no choice. Initially I went in thinking I was going to have fun until I encountered “Rachel” at the mechanical bull spot. Something felt off when I noticed that she would signal the guy controlling the bull to skip over me. So I asked her if they went by numbers and she said she didn’t know. Then I proceeded to ask her what her name was and not only did she say she doesn’t know where my place was in line after I paid she also didn’t “have a name.” I told my friend with blonde hair and blue eyes to ask her not even a second after I asked her and she said her name was Rachel. When I went across the street I told a random person about the situation and he told me that that it was “usual” for her to behave this way. When he went, Rachel had asked him where he was from and after he said he was white she was nice to him...idk what kind of business they run but I can tell that this is the kind of business that will probably end up on Facebook for racist employees. Only time will tell. The bouncers at the other bar right next door said that people say that bar is racist all the time FYI.

Samantha Brookins
December 14, 2018

I had a good time celebrating my birthday. I got to ride the bull and a drink for free

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