Karaoke Bar

Buffalo Wild Wings

8188 Day Creek Blvd #140, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

About Buffalo Wild Wings

3.7 / 5 from reviews
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Our Address
8188 Day Creek Blvd #140, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

Reviews for "Buffalo Wild Wings"

Lesly Ann
April 06, 2019

If you want to eat wings go to literally any other location. No matter what time of the day throughout the week there’s always at least a 45 minute wait just to be seated. The food takes even longer. The waiters and waitresses will literally write down our drinks and still forget to bring them to the table. You might as well serve yourself. When we finally got our food it was cold and the chips were stale, as if they had been sitting on the line for 10 minutes. I had to ask for a box as soon as i got my food because i was so sick of waiting. And even waiting for the box and check took another 20 minutes. If any of the stores want to improve you better check your management. Absolutely ridiculous that the standard is so low.

Ricardo Villegas
March 24, 2019

Like every other rating. This place has terrible service. I understand a rush or packed nights but they should be prepared for it or have workers who can handle. All we see are waiters wondering when their break will come or telling customers wait times that are no where near the time they said. Not only did I receive a terrible service with a group of 4. I ordered food for takeout to be told it will be ready in 30. Did not get my food until 2 hours later. Get better workers or a manager that will whip their workers to provide the service we expect in a great establishment

Anabel Baltazar
March 23, 2019

The food was great. However this is the second time we go and the service sucks. They speed walk by you without asking if we need refills to start then they bring the salad and no forks to eat it with maybe like 10 min passed by and brought the forks and napkins. Again they forget about us until the end that we asked a different waiter to give us refills cuz our guy was flying from place to place not asking us if we needed anything. We understand this place takes forever to sit us and the food to be delivered and for that the least they can do is make sure to keep us entertained with drinks.

Claribel Gonzalez
March 17, 2019

Horrible service. We waited so long for someone to even attend us at the door. It wasn’t even packed! Finally, we get attended and I give them my number for them to text us when our table was ready. They tell us that wait is 25 to 30 minutes after we waited for someone to even attend us. After we waited the 30 minutes, we asked how much longer it was going to take because we’ve waited our time already... the representative answered us very sarcastically stating you’ve only waited 29 minutes ! My goodness!! we waited another 10 minutes and still were not seated! We just walked out and I still haven’t even received that freaking text message that our table is ready!! Good thing we left because I’m pretty sure we would have still been waiting. Not cool at all!!

DJ DuBuque
April 01, 2019

Food has really gone downhill. Use to be my favorite wing spot. Although the entire redesign from its original look is massively better it seems as though the chicken is lower grade than years ago. My wife and kids strongly agree with my thoughts.

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