Karaoke Bar

Buffalo Wild Wings

12411 Limonite Ave #650, Eastvale, CA 91752

About Buffalo Wild Wings

3.5 / 5 from reviews
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Our Address
12411 Limonite Ave #650, Eastvale, CA 91752

Reviews for "Buffalo Wild Wings"

Marybeth Walsh
July 19, 2019

I usually love coming to this place with with friends and coworkers but never again after last night. I just got off work and wanted to eat a little something. It was happy hour and it was busy. I understand things get out of hand. But our server last night was not very nice. Not only did she forget some of our order she charge us extra for a dine and dash. She asked us if we knew what happen to the table behind us. I don't ease drop on other guess. I will never be going here again.

Gina Reed
April 29, 2019

First time we actually got a table. It was on a Friday about 2 in the afternoon. Every other time there was an hour wait for a table which I understand because the place was quite full however there were open tables that would have accommodated the two of us. The dinning had ample amount of seating but was told by the hostess that they would be a half hour wait because they would not be filling up the dining area because there was only two waitresses. So we opted to sit in the bar area. Service was great. Our waitress was very nice & accommodating. We did take notice that there were four waitresses( beside the two in the dinning room area that ) that hung around in the bar section. Just thought that to be questionable. Food was delicious, atmosphere was nice. Everything was great except for the fact that they need a bigger location to serve the amount of customers their generating. Which is a great thing!

J Man
August 07, 2019

If you like sticky tables, overpriced food. slow service and loud rap music while you eat then this is the place for you.

Miss Santillan
August 02, 2019

My favorite place to eat wings thus far. However, management needs to work on the guy behind the bar he is rude to me every time I have dinner there. This was the first time in at least 8-9 months I stopped by because I was super hungry and craving Buffalo Wild Wings aka BWW's. The food is good thoroughly cooked, fresh celery and fresh dressing. This guy though he is selective to who he is polite too. Like dude, I am paying for food and drinks why do u always got to be rude to me?! Aren't you trying to earn a tip. I do on my own make a bill of $80-$100, mostly food! I am a BIG eater in a small body. I come here alone pretty much everytime since my husband travels lots for work. That is the main reason I sit at the bar and to get faster service. Once again my next post on this restaurant might be in another 8-12 months if that.

Benjamin Bledsoe
May 23, 2019

I had lunch with coworkers, a group of 9, and it was alright. It wasn't busy when we arrived, but one of the orders was completely wrong and needed to be remade, my order was missing condiments, and one of the salads ordered was the very last item to come out of the kitchen. A salad? The server was attentive to our beverages and brought food as it was ready. So, we may not have eaten at the same time, but we all got hot food.

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