Night Club

Boardwalk 11 Karaoke Bar and Grill

10433 National Blvd #5, Los Angeles, CA 90034

About Boardwalk 11 Karaoke Bar and Grill

4.5 / 5 from reviews
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Our Address
10433 National Blvd #5, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Reviews for "Boardwalk 11 Karaoke Bar and Grill"

Derrick Van
May 01, 2019

Well let's start this review off, positively. The bar is doing just fine. The food is amazing. Guys are you serious? Reality T.V shows like hell and back are all staged, I was there when they were filming, it's all staged. Have you guys forgot that? Gordan does this to make money, he doesn't care about the owners, he works with thousands with them, thats too much to care about for him. The food is made there on the spot. Their burgers are the best I've ever tasted, better than In and Out, and that's a really bold statement that I wouldn't be making if I didn't believe in it. I don't work for them, I wasn't paid by them, hell I could care less if they did all the bad things that Gordan's team staged, but they don't do the things, so it pisses me off to the bone to see random people who never stepped foot in the bar to give it a 1 star review and say all these rude and hateful things. Remember how we were taught to never judge a book by it's cover huh? Well, you're doing it here, knock it off guys

marlon johnson
June 19, 2019

Nice little bar to sing and drink and have a good time. The food was good and the crowd was good. They have all types of beers on tap and a plethora of different speciality drinks.

Semrean Sedlimona
March 19, 2019

The best part about this place is that you can make reservations for groups online, but when we got there we were told "sorry I don't really check the online reservations every day" pro tip: call and confirm after you do. But they were nice about it so 4 stars. Menu was decent.

M Comans
February 02, 2019

The food was good a bit pricey but good šŸ‘Œ. I ordered chicken wings, a side of fries and a Sprite. My bill was $20! I didn't even get a drink yet lol. I was hoping that all the menu items wasn't itemized but it's not a big deal. The staff is awesome. When it comes to the Karaoke part it was cool. The DJ needed to play a better mix of songs in between the participants. Other than that I had fun. Nice crowd of people. Whether you sang the house down or sucked you were welcomed.

Beverly Guerrero
March 19, 2019

This place has always been cool--used to be called The Men's Room--it was a small, low key, no-attitude gay bar. Now that one of the bartenders (Kevin) has bought the place, I expect it will become even better. The jukebox is great, the regulars are funny & kooky, the drinks are stiff and inexpensive. The bartenders are nice and everyone is welcome here. An unpretentious, cozy spot to enjoy an afternoon cocktail (they take the bloodys SERIOUSLY) or spend a fun evening trading stories with other patrons. Kevin tells great stories, plays good TV, and must have programmed the jukebox himself, as he is a musical GENIUS. A nice break from the jammed, techno-blasting meat markets up the street. It makes me miss SF every time I go there!!

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