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What kind of world would it be if KJ’s worked as many nights as they wanted? If karaoke venues never canceled a show and manufacturers and equipment companies never went out of business? We’d like to see that happen, at least in Southern California.

We only exist to bring karaoke singers together with where to sing Karaoke venues and to offer marketing tools to help promote a healthy Karaoke industry for KJ’s, Venues and Karaoke industry merchandise vendors.

We offer a free directory listing as well as a Karaoke show calendar as a service to connect singers with venues, there is also a Karaoke Equipment Store where you can shop for discounted Karaoke gear as well we offer a Karaoke Marketplace where you can

  • Post help wanted (Karaoke host, DJ’s, bartenders, servers…)
  • Post your availability for gigs (KJ or DJ)
  • Post merchandise and equipment to sell.

To obtain the best results you should first:

  1. submit your listing in the business directory
  2. and then if you have an event you should add your event to the show calendar
  3. Post in the Marketplace as looking to hire, as a seller, available for hire or all that apply

Our main job here is to drive massive traffic to this site so that our user will have access to the highly targeted traffic from those who are seeking what you have to offer. Our behind the scenes technology is designed not only rank our site high in the search engines but to rank your listing high in the search results.

Above and beyond the directory service, what we do is make the listing here easy to find in the search engines, (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo) so that when people are searching to find a place to sing, find out where the next contest is or find out where their favorite KJ is working nowadays or even find great deals on equipment and merchandise their search will lead them here to the SoCal Karaoke Directory.

We offer amazing tools that are designed to help you build traffic to your business, retain customers and keep you engaged with those customers. Here are just some of the tools that are available to you:

  • Click To Call
  • Push Notifications
  • Digital Loyalty Program
  • Digital Coupons
  • Merchandise Promotions
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Makeover
  • Positive Review Builder
  • Reputation Management
  • Video Commercial Production
  • Event Notification
  • Vacation Certificate Giveaway
  • Mobile App

You see our goal is to strengthen the karaoke industry in an effort to create and promote an industry that will only grow stronger so that we can keep those who have been in the industry prosperous and growing, and also create new winning opportunities for those who are just starting out.

Seriously we want to create a win, win situation for the entire industry. Where dedicated KJ always have gigs, where venues are always profitable, karaoke singers are absolutely happy with their choices of where to sing and vendors have an abundance of ecstatic customers to supply.

KJ’s, venues and industry vendors are all encouraged to post a free listing to promote their business in an effort to showcase to the public what they have to offer.

Our goal is to provide the most accurate information we can, so do us all a favor and please keep your listing current and updated.

Happy Singing!

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